Education is a critical tool in every child’s success. Every parent and caretaker wants only the best outcome for their children. All taxpayers have a vested interest in having a good public education system that centers on academics and social and emotional health. By all accounts, education maintains public safety, maintains property values, is crucial in breaking the cycle of poverty, creates community and many more benefits. We are already leading the way in many respects as an urban school district and we can be a model in all respects by ensuring that all stakeholders share the same commitment.

Term Limits

I believe in the purpose of terms limits. One person should not hold an office for life and other people should have the opportunity to govern. Also, citizens should have a voice by way of a referendum when changes in term limits are proposed.

The recent extension of terms-limits in Yonkers concerned me. The process was flawed and disappointing. Instead of the seven-member city council voting to extend term-limits from two terms to three terms, it should have been proposed as a referendum vote by the people. Previously, the people of Yonkers voted down two attempts to extend term-limits.

Economic Development

Economic development is key for growth. Economic growth should mean more money for public services like education and housing and generally improve the economic outlook of citizens and improve quality of life. Everyone should benefit from the growth. Yonkers needs to attract developers that are committed to the city, that are committed to hiring local citizens, paying prevailing wages and giving back obvious and visible community benefits. That could be the source of increased revenue that our city needs now.


We need a variety of housing options in Yonkers. Our seniors need to be able to afford living in Yonkers. Our homeowner all over the city need to be able to afford mortgage and property taxes and renters deserve an affordable, clean and safe environment. Many residents are in need of housing they can afford. More than 10 percent of the new housing should be set aside as affordable housing. The need is too great to maintain at 10 percent. It should be at least 20 percent.


I support unions. Unions can be the gateway to the middle class. Unions make good paying jobs with benefits possible for many of us. More people should have access to those jobs.

I plan to maintain the lines of communication open with labor workers.

They are fellow citizens who care about the same things we all care about. They have an interest in education, public safety and quality of life. The can help close budget gaps in a true collaborative way.